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        Zen Green Decor





Your own personal zen space to unwind and relax. Products & Interiors curated around low maintenance plants with serenity of Zen aesthetics.


Home Decor


Explore & shop products for your Home.  From Desktop Zen Garden for center table, to a Buddha Terrarium for coffe table, to a Bamboo fountain for corner decor.

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Home Interiors

Get your own Zen Corner, from a customized Zen Garden for your home to Bamboo based water feature. Set up Buddha theme decor for your Living Room to Zen theme decor for your Bedroom.


Home Garden

Set up your dream balcony, install a green wall, or get a roof garden. Shop products & get customized design consultation for your Home Garden.

Select from multiple theme or elements.

Wabi Sabi

Nothing lasts - Nothing is finished - Nothing is perfect

Principles of Zen Aesthetics


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