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Zen and the Art of Gardening!

April 11, 2018

Anything can be used to find the truth. Even a warrior can use this sword, fighting with another warrior; there is no need for him to sit and meditate - OSHO


Greatness of Zen lies in the fact it has turned ordinary into extraordinary, mundane into sacred. It has created art, poetry, sculpture, music and added its own flavor of meditativeness into everything. Be it setting up a rock garden or sipping a tea, everything has its own dose of meditation. Gardening is no different, the very act can be meditation and it depends only on the person doing the act.


As a kid I always loved gardening. It was not about owning a  big garden that gave me the kick but the very act of gardening that use to make me elated. Those few hours, holding the soil in my hand, making way for the roots to settle down, watering the saplings and waiting for them to grow into a plants. This entire journey use to make me at ease, one with myself. Even today right after hectic office hours, my few minutes with my plants makes me complete. Till now, there has been not even a single day when I would have returned empty handed from a nursery.


Even now almost every night I will spend couple of hours gardening, planting the saplings and shaping them into form of art, be it making terrariums or sand art planters or simply putting them into bamboo planters. And again it is not the end product which makes me excited its the 'act', the very act of gardening is what makes it so enjoyable. As master Osho rightly puts it, that any act can be meditation as long as it is done in totality with complete attention. 


Gardening can be a great meditation for anyone who really enjoys the act, and not just gardening, anything done with love and done completely, be it dancing, painting, running or simply cutting the wood can become meditation for the doer. As during the process its only the act the remains and the doer simply gets absorbed in the action. This absorption is what produces meditative output even in the mundane, this completeness is what produces form of creativity and output par excellence. Every poet, singer, sculptor or even a warrior for that matter can become meditative just by shear joy of his act. It is important to the note that output we are talking about need not be the best is normal sense of the world view, it can as ordinary as anything ever done, but the key is not the output but the 'act', the 'process' which is extraordinary when done with meditative mindset.


So enjoy your act, what ever it is, live what you love, live your heart out. This life of ours is too short for making it a mess. It has to be lived totally and completely. It is to be enjoyed without worrying about final goal, as there is none! Life is a beautiful journey with no destination. Its the view that matters and not the pace or horizon which is never attained. Slow down a bit, give yourselves a breather, enjoy the moment and everything it contains. Life is a mystery to be lived in and not a puzzled to be solved. So live and live totally....









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