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Making your own Zen Garden

February 26, 2018


Simple yet elegant, Zen Gardens are possibly the finest and subtlest form of Zen Art. 


Created to replicate nature they serve as meditation object for the seekers. Original Zen gardens were first crafted in Japan, when Zen Masters used fine arrangement of rocks and pebbles to recreate a landscape. The students will sit in one corner of the garden and observe it for hours doing nothing. The absorption is so complete that the wall between the seer and the seen is broken, thereby giving students their first experience of 'Satori' , the first glimpses of 'Samadhi'


Also called Japanese rock garden (Karesansui) or "dry landscape" garden, they are miniature landscapes created with rocks (representing island), raked gravel or sand (representing river) , water features and pruned trees / bushes.


A Zen Garden can be created using multiple themes, add a bit art and they can be the best decor items for your home. Incredibly ease to make at home these art form can also serve to be great meditation kits for you. So lets get started...


Creating your own Zen Garden, what you need?


1) Zen state of mind ( a pre-requisite) without it the essence will be missing. As Zen gardens are not just about placing stones together. The pattern created speaks for it self. The whole garden is Live and pulsating with energy, a reflection of the inner state of the seeker.


2) A Theme: Next is your turn for creativity. Choose a theme, select a central object and create the design. Do watch our video above to know some interesting Zen Garden themes.


3) Material: Frame preferably wood, Stones and pebbles, white sand, rake and finally other zen elements: Plants (you can use succulents, bamboo, cactus), Zen mini decor items like Zen Temples, bridges etc and the central theme element: Lotus, Buddha, meditation monk etc


While Zen state of mind is something  you need to cultivate over period of time for other two points: Theme and Material, we can help. 


Do check out White Lotus: House of Zen's collection on Zen Gardens





You can also share your theme to get your DIY kit couriered back to you.


So enjoy your first garden and watch this space and we come with more details on Zen Gardens.

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