Living Zen - Path is the Goal!

April 3, 2018

There was a man who was so disturbed by the sight of his own shadow  and footprints that he decided to get rid of them both. To do so he came to the conclusion that if he can run fast he can be free of them.


He did so and ran all out, faster he ran, more quickly the foot prints followed, not only this the shadow always kept pace with him. He continued running till he fell dead exhausted.


He didn't realize simple thing that If only he could have moved under the shade, the shadow would have disappeared and only if he would have rested, no footprints would have been created.


The way we live our lives is no different, we are just running without any direction, sense or purpose. Its all effort with no result and hence the anguish.


But what has led us to this blind run and how can we come out of it? Well, if you too are asking a similar question then you are on the right path and the question will lead to the answer. The very fact of acknowledging, at first place, that there is a problem  will lead to the solution. Its not that I claim to enlightened or any thing near it, I am still very much a seeker, but for sure I have learned from my own life experiences that what ever we are doing will not lead to us 'bliss'. What ever be the case there is always a constant feeling of we being incomplete or missing something. We don't know what it is, but for sure there is something which is keeping ourselves from being joyful. We look for substitutes, be it money, power or success. After all this is what our education has taught us. Be first, compete, win and you shall be home. 


How absolutely ridiculous, why at first place a need to win or prove any point? Why can't we just live and be with it? Life is not a journey with a destination, there is never a full stop. Life goes on and for ever. It's us who have created these imaginary goals, achieving those we believe we would be home. Without realizing that we already are at home.


                   This very body the Buddha, this very moment the golden paradise


Its up to us as to what we make of our lives, whether we make it a celebration or competition. Whether we let be driven through ambition or false goals to endless loop of frustration or we let it flow with the current and enjoy the beauty of it.


Life is Living Zen, living in the moment totally and absolutely. Be it sipping the tea or gardening your plants, the act has to be total and complete. The path is the goal, you need to enjoy the journey and not wait for any destination.


                                           THE PATH IS THE GOAL


Life is a song, a dance, its a play "Leela" there is nothing serious about it, the very act of singing is for the sheer joy of it and not for any goal or results. If we can just drop ambition and expectations suddenly the meaning of everything around us changes. We see peace everywhere, after all, its us who is reflected through all. We see Love, we see Play and we see Life for the first time.


                                                                This is Living Zen 






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