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Journey of Zen :From India to Japan to World

February 16, 2018




The seeds are more than 2000 years old, yet the flowers blossom fresh every day. What a journey Zen has been through, from introversion of India to extroversion of Japan, it has moved the complete circle. India gave Zen its roots, the foundation was laid here, the growth happened first in China, were it absorbed ‘Tao’ and became ‘Chan’, a great transformation happened. It was no more confined just to the search of one’s inner self but now encompassed both Ying & Yang. The balance between the inner and the outer, between the male principle and female principle. If this was not enough, the tree blossomed in Japan. The Japanese attitude gave Zen its wings.  It become a way of Life…




These three words are more valuable than anything human consciousness has every know. The ordinary is the most extraordinary.


Born in India as ‘Dhyan’, the seeds were sown by Buddha and transferred to Mahakashyapa.  The story goes, that in one of the sermons Buddha came holding a White Lotus, this was new, he had never done such thing before. Not only this, he kept on staring it for hours saying nothing. Everyone around went restless but couldn’t say a thing. Mahakshaya couldn’t stop himself, seeing all this, he laughed. Buddha handed over the White Lotus to him, and said, what could not be said in words has be communicated to Mahakashyapa through this Lotus. He has understood the language of ‘silence’, this is where the first transference of Zen happened. Zen continued in India, for few more centuries till the great Master Bodhidharma, took it to China.


China, took, ‘Chan’ to new heights. Already impregnated with simplicity of Tao, the milieu was apt for the seeds to grow into a tree.  It can be rightly said that Zen is a meeting of Buddha & Lao Tzu. It was a meeting of equals, of love and understanding. The Buddhists and Taoist danced together in the ecstasy producing flights of consciousness know as Zen.


From China, ‘Chan’ spread to Japan, where it became ‘Zen’ A society that gave the plant the right environment to blossom. The Japanese Masters, nurtured the plant to its glory, which continues to emanate fragrance even today. Zen was now a complete way of life. You live in zen, always, be it mundane to extraordinary everything is within Zen.  You cannot practice Zen but must ‘Live’ in it and become one with it. Everything you do is to be done with complete awareness, in the moment, in totality, that is what Zen is.


Its is not an out of the world experience or flights of fantasy, but simply Art of living in the present moment, totally and fully.


“Old pond
A frog jumps in –
The sound of water”





As understood from discourses of OSHO










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