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Zen rock gardens are renowned for their simplicity and serenity. Under the Bodhi Tree tries to recreate the same calmness and serenity with rocks and plants, carefully arranged in a Japense Zen Garden formation. Meditating on a Zen garden can help you gain a wider perspective and see beyond what is in front of you and be int the present moment.


Other than creating an atomosphere of mindfulness they also make a great visual delight and are a perfect decor items for any corner corner of your home. Bringing with them the serenity and calmness of Zen to your home. 


  • Hand made on order. Time to make: 8-10 business days
  • The image is for representation only, the actual product might differ.
  • Size: 10' * 10'
  • Delivered as DIY kit across India.


Zen Garden - Under the Bodhi Tree


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