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Zen gardens seek to replicate the deep calm of pristine nature in a highly stylized manner. Water is often represented with sand or pebbles; mountains with stone; and islands with masses of moss or rock material.


Zen Garden Blue attempts to replicate the same serenity and calmness right on your desktop. One half of the garden mimics water surface as represented by the Blue pebbles and the Lotus flower, while the other half represents the shore with Buddhisht Features. 


At one end meditating on the Zen Garden Blue can help you relate with the Buddisht principle of impermenance, oneness of self and stillness of nature or the other hald the entire setup creates a perfective meditative, dry yet live landscape right in your liviing room.


A great decor item for people appreciating Zen mindstate.


  • Hand made on order. Size: 12' diameter
  • The image is for representation only, the actual product might differ.
  • Time to make: 8-10 business days, delivered as DIY kit

Zen Garden Blue - Home Decor

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