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Dew Drops have their own beauty, tiny yet can reflect the entire universe through them. Impermeant yet can penetrate the eternity. No wonder that dew drops have been used by Zen masters again and again to remind us of our own Impermanence and grandeur togather.


These beautiful Mini Terrariums - Dew Drops, are not only gracefull but can also help us feel their simplicity and beauty at the same time.  Hang them in  your living room, or over your garden balcony. Use them as paper weight on your office desktop or  on your study room table. 


You will not be able to escpate their simplicity and beauty!


By White Lotus:House of Zen


  • Planter can be couriered across India.
  • Mini Terrarium with plant can handelivered across Delhi NCR 


Dew Drops - Pristine White | Hanging Mini Terrarium | Size: S,M,L


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