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Bamboo can bring tranquility to a hectic work space and flowing water can filter out traffic noise with the happy gurgling sound of water.

This bamboo feature comes with four bamboo poles aligned one after the other in a circle with water flowing like a natural waterfall.

FENG SHUI: running water promotes wealth and abundance.

1) Bamboo Fountain Structure | 1 ft (H) * 6 inch (B), with base slab 14 inch
2) Motor Pump and Connection pipes

1) With base bowl | 14 inch idiameter * 4 inch (H) 
2) Without base bowl


  • Image only for representation purposes, actual product might differ.
  • Hand made on order and couriered an DIY kit 
  • Time to make: 8-10 business days

Four Pole Bamboo Fountain - Indoor


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