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Are you creatively blocked, stressed out or stuck?


Try Zen gardening. An contemplative way to unleash your creativity while being a meditative, aware and alert. When you combine Zen meditation with cultivation of a rock garden, artful sandscaping, or simply raking sand with no attachment to the outcome, you'll enjoy the many fruits this holistic activity brings to your life.


These circular Zen garden come with polished wooded frame, and any one of the given Zen elements like Lotus flower / Laughing Buddha / Wooden Bridgne / Buddisht Padoga / Japanese Tea house, a rake and white filtered sand.  


Size: 12 inch in diameter.


Hand made on order, By White Lotus: House of Zen


  • mage only representation purpose. Actual product will wary
  • Couriered as DIY kit

White Lotus Circular Zen Garden

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