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The Air Plant Desert Theme Terrarium can be a beautiful and serene Zen Decor item for your home. The rustic desert theme on top white pristine sand with colourful & contrasting pebbles create a perfect decor setting. The dead wooden log with pebbles and refreshing air plants completes its theme.


The two constrasting aspects of life: Color / White, Life / Death merge beautifully into one single unity. In midst of all is a meditating monk, representing the one single unity amongh all diversity.


  • Image only for representation purposes, actual product will differ
  • Hand made of order, time to make 3-5 business days
  • Hand delivered across Delhi - NCR
  • Air plant to be replaced with Succulent / Cactus plants as per availability
  • Size: 12"*8", wooden base is made of plywood and is give an incomplete and rustic finishing

Air Plant Desert Theme Zen Garden


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