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House of the Zen State and the Art, of the Koans and the Gardens, of the Poetry and the Greens!  

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Zen Gardens

Customizable and handcarfted on order, these adorable Desktop Zen Gardens, can be the just perfect decor item for any corner of your home.

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Zen Fountains

These adorable Bamboo Features are the perfect Zen element to complete your home setting. These are handcrafted on order and customizable as per requirement.

Zen Greens

From Buddha Terrariums to Sand Art Planters, from Lucky Bamboo to Bonsai Plants, froom Bamboo Planters to Resin Pots.  These adorable collections are handmade of order and delivered across Delhi NCR.


The White Lotus is a beautiful symbol, it is the very essence of Zen. White represents multi-dimensionality, because white contains all the colors of the spectrum yet it is colorless. And Lotus represents the witnessing quality of the being. It lives in the water and yet remains untouched by it  - OSHO

Through White Lotus, our attempt is to bring the same simplicity and liveliness to you in form of art. All our products are handcrafted or carefully selected to help you realize zen in your daily life. Be it your living room or bedroom or kitchen with White Lotus, we wish to transform your abode to places of meditation.

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